fnatic are trialing olof in VALORANT lineup

Swedish eSports legend and CS:GO player Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer Gustafsson, who has been inactive since February this year, may join the Valorant lineup of fnatic. This has been revealed by the Polish media Weszło Esport.

According to published information, at the moment fnatic are considering various options for a reshuffle in their team in the shooter from Riot, and the possible signing of olofmeister was confirmed only by a few sources. Previously, the distinguished Swede has already represented the organization in CS:GO - in this period of his career, he twice became the champion of the majors.

At the moment, Kajbjer has a current contract with the FaZe club, which he joined in 2017. During that time, he has gone inactive four times, with the penultimate time he stressed that his return was temporary due to the team's request to serve as a stand-in.

Since his removal from FaZe's main roster in February, the 29-year-old eSports athlete has not publicly talked about further career plans.

Origin: eweszlo.pl