Nemiga release speed4k, sign iDISBALANCE

Nemiga have announced a reshuffle in its active roster on the official Twitter account. As of today, Russian player Anton "speed4k" Titov has been released in the status of a free agent, and afterward, the club announced they're adding Team Spirit's former AWP player Artem "iDISBALANCE" Yegorov.

speed4k joined Nemiga last January. The team's greatest achievements during this period are winning Hellcase Cup #8 and finishing second in #PlayForBelarus, IEM New York 2020 and Nine to Five #6. The 24-year-old cyber athlete helped the team finish third in the RMR qualifying for the failed major in Rio de Janeiro.

iDISBALANCE has been standing in for Nemiga since early March, with a 1.13 average rating and as a result, 9th-12th place finish in Snow Sweet Home 2. Spirit had put him on the bench in January when the organization signed Abdul "⁠degster⁠" Gasanov from Espada.

The renewed Nemiga squad will debut tomorrow, April 3, in the Funspark ULTI 2021 Europe Regional Series 1.