Red Bull announced anover 2v2 Flick series event

Red Bull presented another CS:GO event in Red Bull Flick series. The competition will be attended by duo teams from Europe and the CIS, and all the matches will be held in the 2vs2 format. The total prize fund of the competition is €50,000.

The participants of Red Bull Flick 2021 will fight on five levels of maps: Digital Archives (level -2), Control Room (-1), City Palace (0), Sky Platform (1), Wi-nG:5 (2). The battle mode is a battle for a point that must be captured and held.
Special maps for Red Bull Flick 2021

Special maps for Red Bull Flick 2021

Digital Archives (Steam page)

Control Room (Steam page)

City Palace (Steam page)

Sky Platform (Steam page)

Wi-nG:5 (Steam page)

Duos from ENCE, Cloud9, G2, OG, FURIA and BIG have already received direct invites to the event. Online qualifiers for different regions will take place from April 24 to October 30. The final competition will be held between sixteen teams in Helsinki, Finland.

We should add that G2 player Nikola "NiKo" Kovacs has become the ambassador of Red Bull Flick 2021. He will give his opinion on the best moments that will happen at the tournament.

The last event of the series took place in May last year and has featured a severe moderate prize pool - only €20,000 and barely known duo from Berzerk s1n & skyye has pocketed almost a half of that for their first place.