shroud: "if s1mple switches to VALORANT he will make a tonn of money."

Former professional CS:GO player and today one of the most popular streamers Michael "shroud" Grzesiek believes that eSports athletes of the competitive scene of the shooter from Valve can earn several times more money if they move to the gaining popularity VALORANT. He shared his opinion during a live broadcast on his personal Twitch-channel, answering a question about the prospects of changing the discipline for NAVI sniper Aleksander "s1mple" Kostyliev.

shroud has repeatedly criticized Valve for the lack of proper development of CS:GO earlier, especially against the background of the release of VALORANT, which is positioned as a direct competitor to the main eSports shooter. In his opinion, during the online era, the game from Riot managed to win the competition in North America and is gaining popularity in Europe.

Recall that less than a year ago, s1mple said that he does not plan to move to Valorant yet, because he has not won enough tournaments in CS:GO. However, he praised the new shooter, which he occasionally plays in his spare time.