x6tence signed new lineup with SOKER

x6tence have made an official announcement declaring their return to CS:GO scene with a roster of young players aged between 15 and 17. The 27-year-old Spaniard Aitor "SOKER" Fernandez became the project manager and captain of the newly formed team, while the coaching staff includes former CS 1.6 professionals Alfonso "ALF" Peralta and Pablo "Khorne" Aranda.

We also were aware that it was a priority to promote our essence and values, the same ones that always led us to the top of the Counter Strike and constitute a solid foundations from which to guarantee, continuously, the sporting success of the section in the future . In addition, we want to return to our hobby and the Spanish community everything they have given us, especially in these times where the fierce competition of the game itself makes it raising less illusions in the general framework of electronic sports. For these and other reasons we conclude that we should do something completely different in order to opt for higher milestones of those already achieved. If we do the same as always, we will end up getting identical results. Planning in the long term and working with conviction and constancy in a very clear direction were indispensable requirements to reach where we want.

 x6tence left the CS:GO professional scene earlier this year after releasing of the Danish lineup. At the same time, the Spanish organization has announced its intentions to form a team to participate in national championships in the future.

Current x6tence lineup:

  • Alfonso ‘ALF’ Peralta, (coach)
  • Pablo ‘Khorne’ Aranda (coach)
  • Aitor ‘SOKER’ Fernández (captain)
  • Salvador ‘Vaircus’ Dorado
  •  Preslav ‘PreSs’ Plamenov
  • Máximo ‘hadess’ Arnal
  • Roger ‘roGerzz’ Bonilla
  • Aarón ‘flowX’ Sampedro

Origin: x6tence.com