ISSAA is considering Valorant transition

Jordanian pro player Issa "ISSAA" Murad revealed on Twitter that he could give up CS:GO for a career in Valorant. According to him, the decision will be made after researching all available opportunities.

Hello, as most of you already know, me and OG came to an end as I’m not part of the active roster anymore.

I believe this was the best choice for both of us.
I'm really thankful for OG and the players for being professionals in the situation and for all the memories we had together, I'm happy with what we have achieved during this 1 year where our biggest achievement was reaching top 6 HLTV - and playing some finals!
As for me, I felt I could've played much better but couldn't have the space/playstyle that I had in HR, even though we gave everything and kept trying to fix everything.
I'm always looking forward and want to improve, and with the right team I'm ready to give it my all again and aim for trophies!

As for the future - I'm not sure yet. I’m still contracted with OG and I'm currently open to offers. I could also probably be interested to discuss consider a switch to Valorant, depending on what happens in the future and the possibilities.

You can contact me directly on twitter - or my agent

Thank you everyone for your support,


ISSAA has represented OG since signing the multi-gaming signed its original roster back in December 2019. The team's best accomplishments during that period are winning the 2020 BLAST Premier Fall Groups and finishing second at Flashpoint 2.

The club has yet to introduce a replacement for the 24-year-old Jordanian. According to recent rumors, former Envy player Michal "MICHU" Muller will take the vacant spot.