Esports Charts: CS:GO lost to Valorant in North America

North American Valorant eSports tournaments are more popular than CS:GO events for teams from the region. This conclusion was reached by the analytics service Esports Charts, which has published the latest report on their official website.

According to the statistics provided, the average number of viewers at Valorant broadcasts increases with each subsequent championship, with the recent VCT 2021 NA Stage 1 Challengers 3 reaching 94,674. Meanwhile, March's DreamHack Open on CS:GO for North America averaged only 31,324 online viewers.

The Esports Charts report stresses that most of the DH Open result is done by the Brazilian audience, while it is English-speaking users of streaming platforms who watch the pro scene of the shooter from Riot.

Notably, the infographic does not take into account the statistics of VCT North America Stage 1 Masters, which has even more impressive figures, as it was attended by teams of tier-1 level, unlike the DH Open series tournaments.

Recall that since Valorant's release early last year, several notable eSport athletes have moved into the young discipline from CS:GO, most of whom compete in North America or Asia.