REZ encountered new CS:GO bug

NiP player Fredrik "REZ" Sterner reported on his Twitter that he encountered a new bug in the game, which results in spontaneous lowering of mouse sensitivity during the match. According to him, you can fix it only by restarting the CS:GO client.

In the discussion of the Swede's publication, OG player Valdemar "valde" Vangså and Evil Geniuses coach Wilton "zews" Prado said that they experienced similar problems in recent practice matches. The existence of the bug has also been confirmed by many others in the game's community.

According to some recommendations, you can get rid of the new bug, but to do this you need to turn off the in-game overlay and do not participate in the Steam beta client testing.

The last major update CS:GO was released in early March and fixed a bug in which the player at the beginning of the round could appear on the enemy's base or other places on the map. After that, Valve only added content to the game in the form of new Operation Broken Fang missions, music kits, and a sticker capsule.