S0tF1k returns to Team Spirit as coach assistant

Former Team Spirit captain Dmitry "S0tF1k" Forostianko returned to the Russian organization, where he will take the position of assistant to head coach Nikolay "Certus" Poluyanov. The announcement was made on the club's social media.

Commenting on his joining his former team Forostianko said that he adapted to the team very well because he played with all roster members except Boris "magixx" Vorobiev.

- Welcome home! Tell me, how does it feel to be back on Team Spirit?

Thank you. I am very pleased to be back in Team Spirit, I have only warm memories with this organization. I am very happy to be here again and proud to represent this team.

- How did the idea to become a coach appear?

I thought about it when I was replaced a year and a half ago, but I did not really think about it. But when Espada disbanded and some time later Team Spirit offered me the job of Certus' assistant, I seriously thought it would be interesting to try something new.

- What will be your tasks in the near future?

The most important thing is to give my opinion on our game and its components and make sure we're on trend. Also a lot of other things that all coaches do, from watching demos to making rounds.

- How have the guys received you? You've played with some of them before, and now your job will be to coach them. How do you like that change in dynamics?

I've been warmly welcomed. It was very easy to fit in, because I know everyone personally, except for Boris, I played together on the team, so it was no problem to find a common language. I haven`t felt a big difference, because before I was a captain and I also told something new or taught some things.

- You chose number 27. Can you tell me why?

There's no deeper meaning. The other numbers I wanted to take were already taken. Anyway, I like number 27.

S0tF1k was the captain of the original Team Spirit lineup and spent more than three years with the team, from June 2016 to September 2019. For the last year, the 26-year-old Russian represented Espada, which released the team after Abdul "degster" Hasanov and Robert

Origin: t.me