dupreeh: "Deagle meat shots still ridiculously broken"

Astralis' rifler Дания, Denmark, DK Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen believes that in CS:GO the damage from body hits from Desert Eagle pistol are extremely high.

His statement refers to the moment from the match mousesports - ENCE at ESL Pro League Season 13, in which Robin 'ropz' Kool landed six shots from the Deagle killed three fully armed rivals.

Several professional players agreed with Rasmussen's opinion. In particular, pro OG Valdemar "valde" Wangse suggested changing not only the power of the Deagle, but also reduce the movement speed with SSG 08, improve the performance of FAMAS, as well as add the rate of fire to the M4A1-S assault rifle.

Origin: twitter.com