xiaosaGe retired

Chinese legend and already former Invictus member Китай, China, CN Peng "⁠xiaosaGe⁠" Song has announced his retirement from Counter-Strike, citing "age and physical reasons". He did not show any intention to stay on the scene in a different role in his farewell statement.

His final tournament took place in January at the Hot Pot Masters Championship, a ~$26,000 LAN event that took place in China at the start of 2021. His team managed to beat TYLOO 2-1 in the grandfinal of the event.

xiaosaGe spent most part of his career playing for the Chinese teams and has been and participating in numerous tournaments both on the Asian & Chinese scenes, finally getting a chance to compete against international teams in 2017 at the ROG Masters Grand Finals with the mixed Chinese-Mongolian 5POWER lineup. The team ended on the 5-6 spot of the tournament losing to Vega Squadron.

5POWER with xiaosaGe attended multiple events outside of their region in 2018, including the Qi Invitational, EPICENTER 2018 Wildcard stage, PLG Grand Slam Legends Series: China, Douyu League Fall 2018, Asian Development League 2019, and HuyaTV Sharpshooter Cup, peaking at No.47 in the world rankings. After spending only four months with R-Stars, xiaosaGe signed by Invictus in April 2020 and spent the last 11 months with the team, who finished second in PAL Summer and fourth in PAL Fall.

Because of age and physical reasons, I have withdrawn from the Invictus Gaming CS:GO division and retired from my professional career.

Since 2017, I have known a lot of good friends, have a lot of happy memories. I also want to thank everyone who accompanied me all the way, all the best in your future endeavours, and finally wish my old teammates better and better results.

Origin: csgo2asia.com