Team Spirit & paiN invited to DreamHack Masters Spring 2021

Team Spirit and paiN have become the first invited participants of DreamHack Masters Spring 2021. Both teams received invites to the prestigious championship thanks to their victories at DreamHack Open January 2021 for Europe and North America respectively.

paiN were unaware of their invite to the main event as late as Friday, and played through the entirety of the first day of the North America open qualifier before they were informed of their status, and have withdrawn from the qualifiers afterward.

Prior to the start of DreamHack Masters Spring 2021, which will be held from April 29 to May 9, the organizers will issue invites to ten more teams. The remaining tournament slots will be up for grabs in the qualifiers which end tonight.

Organizers of DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 previously announced plans to draw a $250,000 prize pool in the studio format. At this time, the location of where all participants will gather remains unknown.