smooya GGWPed and left during teammate's clutch on matchpoint; won eventually

Movistar Riders sniper Owen "smooya" Butterfield left the server during the DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 closed qualifiers match against Nordavind. The Brit died on the final map at the score of 9:15 in favor of his opponent, after that he texted GGWP in all chat room and left the game even though his teammate Alejandro "mopoz" Fernandez was in a 1 to 3 clutch.

Left alone, Fernandez killed three opponents and won the round for the Movistar Riders. The team took a break, allowing smooya to return to the server, and brought the card to a 19-16 victory.

The British sniper tweeted that the reason for his disconnect was a PC crash, but later removed his tweet.

Victory over Nordavind pushed Movistar Riders into the next round of the closed qualifiers for DreamHack Masters Spring 2021. The team will face Cloud9 in the semifinals of the lower bracket later today.