BLAST introduced its own player ranking

BLAST has developed its own player ranking system called BLAST Score. The innovation is designed to quickly give the viewer an idea of the current form of an eSports athlete.

Four different metrics have been taking in account while forming this ranking: the number of multi-kills, the amount of damage, effectiveness and number of entry kills. All data included in the formula is based on match data. Data is collected within the last three months versus top 30 opposition.  A player’s BLAST Score will be calculated at the beginning of a BLAST Premier tournament leg or event. It remain unchanged until the respective event is finished, where it then will be updated once again.

The purpose of the BLAST Score is to determine a players performance in recent time in just one combined metric to quickly give the viewer an indication of the player’s current form.

In the first version of BLAST Score, NAVI sniper Alexander "s1mple" Kostylev is in the first with 97 points. He is followed by Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut (95) and Nikolai "device" Reedtz (90).

The rankings will be updated weekly. The authors of BLAST Score added that in the near future will publish only the top ten and only in the future, perhaps, will add all participants of their tournaments.