SAW returns AIm

Portuguese team SAW has brought back its former coach Ricardo "AIm" Almeida after a short break he has taken following his announcement on February 14 he needs to step down from the scene. Originally this was a surprising decision to leave the team that he has been a part of since it has been formed back in January 2020. The biggest achievements of the team during that period were victories at regional championships RTP Arena Cup, Master League Portugal Season 5, and LVP Unity League 2020 as well as top-4 at ESEA Premier Season 35, DreamHack Open December 2020, Snow Sweet Snow #1, as well as other several international online events.

Current SAW roster:

  •  Omar "arki" Chakkor
  •  Tiago "JUST" Moura
  •  Christopher "MUTiRiS" Fernandez
  •  Ricardo "rmn" Oliveira
  •  Renato "stadodo" Gonsalves
  •  Ricardo "AIm" Almeida (coach)