NAVI and Astralis are the most Popular CS:GO Teams in 2020

Last year has been a serious challenge for all the eSports and the CS:GO scene in particular. Unfortunately, we could witness only one major lan event last year, that had to be run with no crowd support due to the increasing covid threat. This situation has become a harsh trial for some regional CS:GO scenes and by the end of the year most teams started gathering in Europe to participate in the final tournaments of the year as well as the starting ones of this year. However, this whole situation resulted in eSports gathering more audience than it used to, so let's have a look at the figures provided by eScharts.

The top three most-watched teams in the professional CS:GO scene by the end of last year are NAVI, Astralis, and MIBR.

Undisputed leader is the team of Oleksander "s1mple" Kostylyev, whose matches in 2020 have been watched over 61 million hours. The most surprising fact is that the number of views of NAVI games has increased by 80% compared to 2019. The second place goes to the mighty Danes from Astralis with 42.8 million hours, and the top 3 is concluded by Brazilian MIBR, which has 34.1 million.

ENCE and NiP dropped out of the top 10, compared to 2019, and were replaced by mousesports and FURIA.

The most popular teams in CS:GO in 2020: