Operation Broken Fang Week 14 Challenges

Operation Broken Fang Week 14 Challenges are now available for completion. They go by the name "Turf War", but unfortunately there isn't a big theme this time, instead you could be playing some Wingman with your friends while trying to get some kills either scoped, with the opponents' weapons, or from very specific locations on the map.

Broken Fang Week 14 Challenges:

  • Expanding Influence: Win rounds in Wingman: Guard (4 rounds, 8 rounds, 12 rounds)
  • Hornet's Nest (2 stars): Get 20 kills with enemy weapons in Guardian: Mirage
  • Deadlock: Get kills from specific locations in Deathmatch: Dust II (15 kills, 20 kills, 40 kills)
  • Territorial Dispute: Get scoped kills in Casual: Defusal Group Sigma (5 kills, 10 kills, 15 kills)

Operation Broken Fang has been released back in December last year, and its main feature is exclusive access to the Broken Fang Premier matchmaking in the 5 on 5 mode, where before the game starts it is necessary to pick and ban maps. Only 1 week left till all the missions would be available for completion.