suNny left ENCE

Finnish player Miikka "suNny" Kemppi announced on his Twitter that his contract with ENCE expired. The 26-year-old eSports athlete is currently in a free-agent status.

Kemppi has represented ENCE since August 2019. During that period, the team's best achievement at major tournaments was a 2nd place finish at the 2019 CS:GO Asia Championships. At the end of last year, the organization moved the player to reserve and formed a new international roster.

According to insider Jarek "DeKay" Lewis, suNny could have joined the GODSENT roster, which was subsequently sold to FunPlus Phoenix, but negotiations did not result in the signing of a contract.

In early January, the Finnish player confirmed rumors of a possible teaming with Timothy "autimatic" Ta and Robin "flusha" Ronnquist on a new team. Later it became known that the project of the three eSports athletes could not find an organization.