Omaken Sports acquired Heroic

Norwegian multi-gaming Omaken Sports has announced the purchase of Heroic. The amount of the deal is unknown, with the CS:GO lineup retaining its current name.

What happens to Omaken Sports?

Both Omaken Sports and Heroic will now be represented as Heroic in tournaments. We are working with the merging of the organisations. However, there will be no changes when it comes to our staff and athletes. We are expanding with a CS:GO team and the staff from Heroic.

Omaken Sports fans will still have their favorite players on the screen during our PUBG matches, but they will be playing as Heroic. We will continue to build our community to become the nordic powerhouse of esports. The community will be on Heroic´s already established social media channels. We will remind you to follow these channels for updates!

A press release on the official Omaken Sports website states that the acquisition of the Danish team will help the organization become a global esports leader and gain exposure in all top disciplines.

Omaken Sports was created in 2020 by Noobwork YouTube channel author Joachim Haraldsen. In early February of this year, it went public and raised an investment of $17.7 million. In addition to the CS:GO team it acquired, the club also includes a PUBG roster.

Heroic was formed in August 2016 by RFRSH Entertainment, which also owned Astralis. Heroic was sold in 2018 to avoid a conflict of interest.