SAW coach switches to inactive

The coach of the Portuguese SAW team, Ricardo "Alm" Almeida, announced his decision to suspend his coaching activity indefinitely. The published announcement does not report the reasons that forced the 34-year-old specialist to go into inactivity.

Almeida had worked with the SAW squad since early 2020. The biggest achievements of the team during that period were victories at regional championships RTP Arena Cup, Master League Portugal Season 5, and LVP Unity League 2020 as well as top-4 at ESEA Premier Season 35, DreamHack Open December 2020, Snow Sweet Snow #1, as well as other several international online tournaments.

It is currently unknown who will take over as SAW coach after Alm leaves. The Portuguese will play their closest matches in a week in the European Development Championship Season 2 playoffs.

Current SAW roster:

 Omar "arki" Chakkor
 Tiago "JUST" Moura
 Christopher "MUTiRiS" Fernandez
 Ricardo "rmn" Oliveira
 Renato "stadodo" Gonsalves