Rumours: Movistar Riders are trialing smooya

Spanish Movistar Riders invited Owen "smooya" Butterfield on probation, according to insider Polish leaks. The British sniper replaces Sebastian "larsen" Larson in training games.

Butterfield has been without a team since last October, when he left the c0ntact line-up after a two-month try-out. It should be noted that at the end of December the player wrote on his Twitter about his desire to play in Movistar Riders, and on January 9 he left a message in Spanish, which users took as a hint to join the mentioned organization.

Larson has represented the Movistar Riders since August 2020. The team's biggest accomplishments during that period were winning several Tier 3 tournaments, including the ESL Masters Espana Season 8 National Championship, as well as second place at the European Development Championship Season 1, which concluded just before the winter break on the pro scene.