bodyy's contract with LDLC expired

French player Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro announced on Twitter that his contract with LDLC is over. He is now a free agent and is considering options to continue his career in international squads.

Hey everyone !

My contract has come to an end with LDLC and I'm glad we've been reaching the goals set at the beginning of my arrival but I'm now looking forward to a new challenge.

I've been spending 5 years profesionnaly on the French scene, where I learned everything I know about the game but now I'd be ready to explore new horizons on the international scene where I know there is a huge potential, and way more to learn about this lovely game and the ways to play it. These experiences made me grow as a player and as a person, it makes me more than ready to take on this new challenge with all the motivation and experience I gathered over the years.

My last 6 months have been pretty good on an individual point of view, but I'm not yet satisfied and I know I can do way better than this. I can play the roles necessary in your team, even though I'm more efficient and confident as an entry fragger or close to it, and I would be glad to discuss it with you.

Feel free to contact me through DMs or my agent through email ([email protected]) for more information!

I'm looking forward to play as soon as possible and start this new challenge !

Thanks everyone for your support, I will probably be streaming at in the meantime, keep playing and working hard to be a better version of myself and reach my goals.

bodyy has represented the LDLC since June 2020. During this period, the French team has not been able to achieve significant results, with the biggest achievement being winning the ESL Championnat National Winter 2020.

At the moment, the LDLC roster consists of three players. According to, Nicolas "Keoz" Dgus and Brian "Maka" Kanda will join the team soon.