HLTV.org named the best ten teams of 2020

HLTV.org presented its top 10 teams as part of the statistical summary of the year 2020 on the professional stage. The ranking of the teams is based on their position in the world rankings throughout the year and the number of points earned at tournaments.

First place in the ranking went to Astralis, which has won three championship titles in 2020, second place at one tournament, and 3rd-4th place at three tournaments, including the IEM Katowice 2020 LAN Event. It is noteworthy that the Danish grande led the list of the world's best teams for the third year.

On the second line of the published top is NAVI. Apart from the victory in Katowice, the CIS team has one more victory, three appearances in the finals, and six appearances in the top four.

Vitality, which became the most successful team of the second half of the year, closes the top three. The French won two tournaments, finished second in four, and reached the semifinals twice.

Top 10 teams of 2020 according to HLTV.org:

1.  Astralis
2.  NAVI
3.  Vitality
4.  BIG
5.  G2
6.  Heroic
7.  Liquid
9.  fnatic
10.  FaZe