Astralis & G2 received a spot at BLAST Premier Global Final 2020

Astralis and G2 have secured their place at the BLAST Premier Global Final 2020. They join BLAST ranking leaders Vitality and NAVI as well as Evil Geniuses and Complexity, winners of the BLAST Spring Seasons in North America and Europe, respectively, among the confirmed participants in the tournament.

The Danes received a slot for their successful performance at the Fall Finals, where they advanced to the Grand Final against Vitality, who already had an invite. In turn, Nemanja "nexa" Isakovic's team became unreachable in the BLAST Premier Circuit 2020 rankings.

At present, the last two owners of the Global Final slots are unknown. FURIA, OG, Liquid, Heroic and BIG are still fighting for those slots. Winning the IEM Global Challenge 2020 will guarantee either of them a pass to the BLAST season finale. All but BIG can place below first and still get an invitational if their competitors perform worse.

The number of BLAST ranking points for teams that qualify for the Global Final:

 FURIA – 5238 points
 OG – 4606,5 points
 Liquid – 4388 points
 Heroic – 3388 points
 BIG – 3113 points

Distribution of BLAST points at the end of IEM Global Challenge 2020:

1. 3000 points
2. 1500 points
3-4. 938 points
5-6. 375 points
7-8. 188 points