forZe, Cloud9, Gambit & Endpoint invited to Nine to Five #7 playoffs

The organizers of Nine to Five #7 have invited forZe, Cloud9, Gambit and Endpoint to the tournament playoffs directly. All of these teams will start in the quarterfinals.

According to the results of the second part of the group stage, Illuminar, PACT, ex-Ethereal, x6tence, Wisla Krakow, Dignitas, AVEZ and K23 have also earned their spots in the playoffs.

Nine to Five #7 group stage results

Seeding in the playoffs:

Nine to Five #7 runs from Nov. 30 to Dec. 16 online. The winner of the competition will receive $35,000 and the loser in the grand final $15,000. The previous champions of this series have been Gambit (four times), Team Spirit and Wisla Krakow.