Six CIS teams will participate at European Development Championship 1

The organizers of the European Development Championship have presented the teams that will play in the first tournament of the series from December 7 to 20. Sixteen participants from the CIS are present: forZe, K23, Espada and HellRaisers have received direct invitations, while NAVI Junior and BEZ ZP (ex-Cyber Legacy) have qualified.

The teams will be divided into four GSL quartets in the groupstage, where the starting matches will be held in BO1 format and all the others - in BO3 format. Two best teams from each group will advance to the Single Elimination play-offs.

List of participants in the European Development Championship 1:

 Copenhagen Flames
 NAVI Junior
 Movistar Riders
 Budapest Five
 Galaxy Racer

The total prize fund of the European Development Championship 1 will be $30,000, of which the winner will receive $17,500.