Sprout put dycha & snatchie for transfer

The Sprout organization announced the expulsion of Pavel "dycha" Dycha and Michael "snatchie" Rudski from the main composition. Both players are put up for transfer.

Polish duo has represented Sprout since the start of this year. The best results of the team during this time was to reach the top 8 at ESL One Cologne 2020 and DreamHack Open Fall 2020. In September, the team moved up to sixteenth place in the HLTV.org ranking, which is the highest achievement in the history of the organization.

Earlier insider Jarek "DeKay" Lewis reported that Sprout plans to return to full German-speaking line-up and in place of benched Poles  ALTERNATE aTTaX Fritz "slaxz-" Dietrich and Marco "kressy" Djordjevic players could be signed.