DreamHack Open November 2020 viewer's guide

DreamHack Open November 2020 tournament will run from 26 to 29 November. Eight participants will draw a prize fund of $100,000 during the four-day event.

The teams are split into two groups, two strongest teams will advance to the playoffs. The format of the group stage is Double Elimination (GSL) and the playoffs will be played in Single Elimination format. The Grand Final will be played in BO5 format, while all other matches will have up to two victories.

Sowing the group stage:

Group A

 Team Spirit (chopper, mir, sdy, iDISBALANCE, magixx)
 Apeks (dennis, jkaem, Marcelious, Grusarn, Nasty)
 AGF (netrick, TMB, Lukki, fr0slev, TBD)
 flowskola (dottie, MistFire, Chawzyyy, nilo, joelxd)

Group B

 Gambit (Hobbit, interz, Ax1Le, sh1ro, nafany)
 Illuminar (reatz, Vegi, mouz, Snax, phr)
 Nemiga (mds, Jyo, speed4k, boX, Forester)
 KOVA (uli, pietola, Twixie, Spargo, peku)

Distribution of the prize fund:

1. $50,000
2. $20,000
3-4. $10,000
5-6. $3,000
7-8. $2,000

The full schedule and live broadcasts of DreamHack Open November 2020 matches are available on the tournament page by clicking here.