Team Secret released their line-up

Team Secret has announced that it is breaking up with their CS:GO roster. Multi-gaming thanked the players in the official statement and noted that during the year of cooperation with the young team they could not reach its potential and break to the decisive stages of major tournaments.

Team Secret entered the professional stage of CS:GO November 25, 2019 and signed m1x. Since then, the best achievement of the team was second place at HomeSweetHome #4 and 5-8 at two Nine to Five events.

After parting with Team Secret all players became free agents. Captain Martin "PERCY" Wessel and sniper Guy "anarkez" Trakhtman have already announced the search for a new team, and the latter noted that he was ready to consider proposals from organizations from the CIS, as he knows Russian.

Former members of Team Secret:

 Guy "anarkez" Trachtman
 Dionis "sinnopsyy" Budeci
 Martin "PERCY" Wessel
 Danny "smF" Dyg
 Haakon "Radifaction" Tholo