ENCE bench sergej

ENCE player Eré "sergej" Salo announced the decision to leave the main team. According to the announcement published on the official website of the organization, the 18-year-old Finn has lost motivation for the competition and intends to undergo compulsory military service, starting from January 2021.

After much consideration, Jere has come to a conclusion that he currently doesn’t have the necessary motivation to pursue forward in the intense world of professional Counter-Strike and has asked to be removed from the playing roster. He has decided to fulfill his Finnish military service duties starting January, 2021 and therefore will not be a part of the active ENCE roster for the time being.

Jere will remain contracted to ENCE and we are currently discussing the details for the duration of his military service. While Jere is an amazing player and has the talent to be one of the world’s best, we all agree that it is not beneficial for either party to continue without him feeling he can fully contribute.

We would like to wish Jere the best for his service and we hope our fans join us in saying we will miss having you on the playing field.

ENCE signed sergej in April 2018. The biggest achievements during this period were victories at StarSeries S6, DreamHack Open Winter 2018, Europe Minor - Katowice 2019 and BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019, as well as second places in a number of prestigious championships, including IEM Katowice 2019 Major.

Tuomas "SADDYX" Louhimaa will be the replacement for ENCE at the upcoming tournaments, one of which will be the DreamHack Masters Winter 2020. The 19-year-old Finnish player has been taken on short-term rent from SJ.