DeKay: BOOM players are searching new org

BOOM line-up is in search of a new organization for 2021, says insider Jarek "DeKay" Lewis. Players intend to leave the current club after the expiration of existing contracts in February next year.

João "felps" Vasconcellos is expected to leave the roaster before the end of the contract, and in the upcoming weeks he will be replaced by Fernando "fer" Alvarenga. According to the information previously announced by the Brazilian portal The Clutch, the possible signing of the former MIBR player may induce the rest of the team members to stay in BOOM.

Recall that the current BOOM was formed in early 2019 and won all seven regional tournaments in which they've participated.

Currently, the team is on top of South American RMR-rating, which gives it the right to participate in the next major. The gap from Isurus in second place is 1012 points, which means that the Brazilians will remain in the first place even if they lose 20% of points for replacing one player.