x6tence pointed out the bug that stops train on Overpass

x6tence coach Morten "zEVES" Vollan has published a video on his Twitter, in which he showed how a decoy grenade can stop the train movement on Overpass. To do this, you need to throw it on the rails before the train passes, which prevent the train from moving further.

With this bug, the defense team can stop the train and prevent the spread of the attack on point B. It is worth noting that the stop lasts only until the grenade explodes. To hold the train in one place, the SWAT team needs to renew the grenade.

zEVES is not the first to pay attention to this feature of the map. It was discovered back in 2015, when after one of the updates the timing of the train passage on Overpass has been changed from random and it started moving ten seconds after the attacking team left its base.

Five years ago, FACEIT and DreamHack banned the use of bug in their tournaments and fined teams for three rounds for each application. At the moment, the rules of tournament operators do not prescribe such a penalty.