IEM Beijing 2020 viewer's guide

IEM Beijing 2020 will be held from 6 to 22 November in Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania. The total prize pool will be $230,000, and the winners in the European and North American regions will also receive a slot at IEM Global Challenge, the first LAN event since the professional scene went online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In Europe, sixteen teams have formed two groups to play in the Double Elimination (GSL) format. The four best teams from each group advance to the playoffs and fight in the Single Elimination bracket. The prize fund for the region will be $150,000.

List of IEM Beijing 2020 participants for Europe:

Group A

 Vitality (shox, RpK, apEX, ZywOo, misutaaa)
 NAVI (flamie, s1mple, electronic, Boombl4, Perfecto)
 OG (NBK-, valde, Aleksib, ISSAA, mantuu)
 FaZe (rain, Kjaerbye, coldzera, broky, olofmeister)
 fnatic (flusha, JW, KRIMZ, Golden, Brollan)
 Complexity (RUSH, k0nfig, poizon, blameF, jks)
 Team Spirit (chopper, mir, sdy, iDISBALANCE, magixx)
 MAD Lions (acoR, sjuush, roeJ, HooXi, refrezh)

Group B

 Heroic (cadiaN, b0RUP, niko, stavn, TeSeS)
 Astralis (dupreeh, device, gla1ve, Magisk, Xyp9x)
 BIG (tabseN, tiziaN, syrsoN, XANTARES, k1to)
 NiP (twist, REZ, hampus, nawwk, Plopski)
 G2 (huNter-, kennyS, AmaNEk, nexa, NiKo)
 mousesports (karrigan, chrisJ, Bymas, frozen, ropz)
 North (aizy, gade, cajunb, MSL, Lekr0)
 ENCE (allu, Jamppi, suNny, sergej, dodo)

In the North American part of the tournament, eight teams will play for a prize pool of $50,000. The format of the tournament is identical to the European region.

List of IEM Beijing 2020 participants for North America:

Group A

 Liquid (NAF, EliGE, Stewie2K, Twistzz, Grim)
 Chaos (vanity, Xeppaa, Jonji, leaf, MarKE)
 New England Whalers (djay, ben1337, PwnAlone, Bwills, Rampage)
 Rugratz (RZU, FaNg, kobruh, Infinite, cxzi)

Group B

 Evil Geniuses (stanislaw, tarik, Brehze, Ethan, CeRq)
 TeamOne (Maluk3, prt, malbsMd, pesadelo, b4rtiN)
 Triumph (Shakezullah, junior, Penny, moose, ryann)
 Rebirth (curry, retchy, 4pack, nosraC, XotiC)

The number of participants in Asian and Pacific championships is traditionally limited to four teams in each region for online tournaments during the pandemic. They will start on November 13 and play in the Double Elimination playoff grid. The prize fund for each region will be $15,000.

List of IEM Beijing 2020 participants for Asia:

 TYLOO (Summer, Attacker, somebody, SLOWLY, DANK1NG)
 ViCi (advent, zhokiNg, aumaN, kaze, JamYoung)
 Invictus (DeStRoYeR, 0i, xiaosaGe, Viva, flying)
 D13 (tamir, sk0R, Annihilation, shinobi, hasteka)

List of IEM Beijing 2020 participants for Oceania:

 Renegades (Sico, dexter, INS, Hatz, malta)
 VERTEX (BRACE, Roflko, pz, tensai, ADDICT)
 ORDER (Rickeh, USTILO, aliStair, J1rah, Valiance)
 AVANT (ap0c, ofnu, sterling, Versa, HaZR)