DeKay: Sprout could return to full German line-up

Sprout is considering a return to the squad format that will consist exclusively of German players. According to insider Jarek "DeKay" Lewis, Poles Pawel "dycha" Dycha and Michal "snatchie" Rudski may be replaced by Fritz "slaxz-" Dietrich and Marco "kressy" Djordjevic from ALTERNATE aTTaX.

Citing sources close to the situation, DeKay noted that the solution will occur either in the next few weeks or in early 2021.

Sprout signed dycha and snatchie at the beginning of this year after Niels "k1to" Grüne left to BIG and parted with Oskar "oskar" Šťastný. In the updated line-up, the best results of the team at Tier 1 tournaments were 5th-8th place at ESL One Cologne 2020 and eighth place at DreamHack Open Fall 2020.

Kressy and slaxz- have been playing for ALTERNATE aTTaX since January 2019. During this time, the German roaster has won several local tournaments, won the second week of the championship Malta Vibes, but could not break through to any event at the top level.