BLAST Premier Fall Series 2020: viewer's guide

BLAST Premier Fall Series 2020 will take place from October 26 to November 4. Teams from Europe and North America will perform together at the tournament for the first time after the professional stage has gone online and divided into regions. Twelve participants will fight for a total prize pool of $150,000 and six spots at BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Finals.

The teams will be splot into three groups to play in the Double Elimination (GSL) format. The winners of each quartet will receive a place in the final tournament of the season from BLAST, and the teams that took third and fourth place will play in the additional qualifying championship BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Showdown.

Matches in all three groups will take place on different days: group #1 - October 26-28, group #2 - October 29-31, group #3 - November 2-4.

Seeding at BLAST Premier Fall Series 2020:

Group #1 :

 NAVI (flamie, s1mple, electronic, Boombl4, Perfecto)
 Evil Geniuses (stanislaw, tarik, Brehze, Ethan, CeRq)
 OG (NBK-, valde, Aleksib, ISSAA, mantuu)
 NiP (twist, REZ, hampus, nawwk, Plopski)

Group #2:

 Vitality (shox, RpK, apEX, ZywOo, misutaaa)
 BIG (tabseN, tiziaN, syrsoN, XANTARES, k1to)
 FaZe (NiKo, rain, Kjaerbye, coldzera, broky)
 Complexity (RUSH, k0nfig, poizon, blameF, jks)

Group #3:

 Astralis (dupreeh, device, gla1ve, Magisk, Xyp9x)
 FURIA (HEN1, arT, yuurih, VINI, KSCERATO)
 G2 (JaCkz, huNter-, kennyS, AmaNEk, nexa)
 MIBR (kNgV-, trk⁠, vsm, leo_druNky, LUCAS1)

Distribution of the prize fund:

1-3. At $25,000 + Fall Finals invites
4-6. For $12,500 + Fall Finals invites
7-9. For $7,500 + Fall Showdown invites
10-12. For $5,000 + Fall Showdown invites

The full schedule and live broadcasts of BLAST Premier Fall Series 2020 matches are available on the tournament page by clicking here.