Two players, participated in Asian RMR tournament, received a VAC ban

HZ (Huat Zai) Singapore team players Markus "nephh" Thane and Nigel "spielz" Aw got VAC bacn on their accounts. The team recently took part in the RMR tournament Perfect World Asia League Fall 2020.

Both players claimed that their VAC-bans are groundless and demanded from Valve to take actions with it as soon as possible. HZ members were supported by the largest Asian portal on Counter-Strike CSGO2ASIA and the Reddit community, which suggested that erroneous bans may be due to the recent update of the Chinese competition platform 5EPlay.

At Perfect World Asia League Fall 2020, HZ was ranked last in eight of the nine group stage matches. The team also played in the Asian qualification for FunSpark ULTI 2020, which could not be completed due to VAC-ban spielz.