Astralis introduced new uniform

Danish eSports club Astralis presented a new game form, which will be used in the upcoming season 2020/21. It is made jointly with the sportswear brand Hummel.

The presentation removed all questions about the mysterious teaser, which has been published by the organization on September 7. Many users saw in it a silhouette of Andreas "Xyp9x" Hojsleth and assumed that the player is close for a comeback to the professional stage. It turned out to be part of a new form of advertising campaign, but the footage from Xyp9x was not included in the final video and was posted only as a photo.

This update became part of the global rebranding of Astralis, who have also performed a redesign of the official website, social networks and fan shop. At the same time, the FIFA and League of Legends teams, which belong to Astralis Group, changed their name and are now called the same as the CS:GO team.