Sharks & Keyd are the final participants at Tribo to Major 2020

The winners of the open qualifiers for the South American RMR-tournament Tribo to Major 2020 are Sharks and Keyd. In the decisive match, they defeated Prodigy and Dext respectively.

Both teams do not have any RMR points in their asset, as they did not participate in ESL One Road to Rio - the first qualifying tournament for major. Sharks and Keyd will compete with four more teams, and will split $15,000 and 9063 rating points at Tribo to Major 2020. The championship will run online from September 19 to October 11.

List of participants Tribo to Major 2020:

 RED Canids

This tournament was supposed to be the final RMR event in front of the major, but Valve canceled ESL One Rio 2020. The company stated that the system of qualifying tournaments will remain, and the next major will occur only after a significant improvement in the epidemiological situation in the world.

The current RMR-rating for South America:

1.  BOOM – 1600 points
2.  Isurus – 1200 points
3.  Imperial – 840 points
4.  RED Canids – 780 points