NAVI is the most viewed organization in the second quarter of 2020

Natus Vincere headed the rating of the most viewed organizations according to the results of the second quarter of this year. Broadcasts of Ukrainian multi-gaming matches in total gathered 21.95 million hours of viewing. The statistics were provided by the analytical service Esports Charts.

The rating took into account the viewings of all disciplines, except the genre of "royal battle". In addition to NAVI, the top ten includes fnatic, OG,, G2, Liquid, T1, Gen.G, Evil Geniuses, and MIBR.

It is noteworthy that MIBR got into the rating only due to its composition in CS:GO, which gained more than 16 million views. By this indicator, the Brazilians have passed all the teams represented in the discipline.

It should also be noted that views of the team on CS:GO made a major contribution to the overall result of NAVI (45%), G2 (47.9%) and fnatic (52%).