Thomas⁠ joined Envy

Envy have signed a contract with Thomas "Thomas" Atting, thus confirming the previously announced information of insider Jarek "DeKay" Lewis. The Brit became the fifth member of the North American organization.

Thomas is best known for his performance for NoChance in 2019, after which he represented teams such as Phoenix and Endpoint. His move to Envy completed the restructuring process, during which the lineup left expelled Caleb "moose" Jane and Ryann "ryann" Welsh, and Nicola "LEGIJA" Ninitch returned to the role of a player. The coach and manager of Envy is former mentor Jakub "kuben" Gurchinski.

At the moment, the closest tournament, in which Atting's team will participate, is unknown. The only one announced is the second season of the Flashpoint league, which will start, according to preliminary information, in late November.

The current composition of the Envy:

 Noah "Nifty" Francis
 Calyx" Bugra Arkyn
Michal "MICHU" Muller
 Nikola "LEGIJA" Ninic
 Thomas "Thomas" Atting

 Jakub "kuben" Gurchinski (coach)