Gambit Youngsters coach commented on the recent video of exploit abuse

Coach of Gambit Youngsters "F_1N" Kochugov in his group in social media commented on the previously published video, which displays exploit abuse. According to the Russian, that case was the only one and never happened again. Kochugov also noted that all the achievements of his team were obtained in a fair competition.

On February 17, 2020, in a match against the AGO team at the OGA Counter Pit Season 7 tournament, I first encountered coach bug. Six months ago only few people knew about this bug at all, including me. It happened on dust2.

After winning the first card, I naturally realized the seriousness of what was happening and no longer used it on the second and third cards. By the way, we lost that match.

I declare with full responsibility that I have never used the coach's bug, both before and after this match. In confirmation of the above, I am ready to take part in checking all our matches. I especially want to emphasize that all the achievements of our team were won in a fair and competitive struggle.

I would like to apologize to the fans of the AGO team and all CS:GO community. I sincerely repent of what happened and am ready to suffer a fair punishment for this transgression.

At the moment, the reaction of Gambit Youngsters to these accusations is unknown. In a similar situation, K23 management has suspended its coach Aset "Solaar" Sembiyev for an indefinite period.