Gambit Youngsters & forZe to the playoffs at Malta Vibes: Week 10

The group stage of the tenth week of the Malta Vibes tournament has finished, as a result, the eight strongest teams got a place in the playoffs. Gambit Youngsters and forZe, who came out from the first places in their groups, are among them.

The playoffs will run in Single Elimination format. forZe rival are FATE, and Gambit Youngsters will meet with x6tence. In the remaining quarterfinal pairs North will play against Galaxy Racer, and Sprout versus Endpoint. All these matches will run today, September 5.

The results of the group stage:

Playoffs brackets:

Malta Vibes: Week 10 is online from 1 to 6 September. Sixteen teams from Europe and the CIS are competing for a $40,000 prize pool and a free boot camp at a 5-star hotel in Malta.