Gambit Youngsters & forZe will attend Malta Vibes: Week 10

The organizers of Malta Vibes announced the list of participants for the tenth week of the tournament. Sixteen teams, including two representatives of the CIS region - Gambit Youngsters and forZe, received a direct invitation.

The tournament kicks off September 1 with a group stage in Double Elimination (GSL) format, after which the eight best teams will play in the play-offs Single Elimination BO3. The participants will draw a prize pool of $40,000 and the right to hold a free boot camp at a 5-star hotel in Malta.

Group A

 Gambit Youngsters

Group B

 Galaxy Racer

Group C

 MAD Lions

Group D


Start matches at Malta Vibes: Week 10:

Group А

1 September

 Gambit Youngsters –  Nordavind
 Apeks –  FATE

Group B

2 September

 Endpoint –  Galaxy Racer

Group C

3 September

 forZe –  x6tence
 MAD Lions –  Heretics

Group D

4 September

 c0ntact –  Sprout
 North –  sAw

In the previous nine series of the tournament forZe and Gambit Youngsters won twice and Team Spirit, Nordavind, ALTERNATE aTTaX, Illuminar, and Espada achieved one victory each.