Vitality topped rankings

Team Vitality for the first time in its history rose to first place in the ranking of the best teams in the world by This was made possible by a successful performance at ESL One Cologne 2020 for Europe, where the French reached the final.

At the same time, Heroic, who defeated Vitality in the decisive match, rose by seven positions and now holds second place. BIG players, who had been leading for more than a month, fell to the fourth line.

NiP entered the top 10 after reaching the semi-finals of ESL One Cologne 2020, while NAVI and Complexity lost two positions. Sprout showed the greatest progress among the top thirty teams - the Germans made it to the playoffs of the recently concluded tournament, which allowed them to add nine positions to the ranking.

The rankings by is updated weekly and primarily takes into account the results for the last 2 months. The teams' achievements over the last year are also taken into account, with the number of points for previous successes decreasing with each month.