Imperial cancelled their Europe bootcamp due to positive COVID-19 results

Brazilian Imperial announced the change of plans to prepare for the RMR-tournament Tribo to Major because of two players who were confirmed COVID-19 positive. According to the portal Globo Esporte, they are Lincoln "fnx" Lau and Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles.

Imperial has canceled the boot camp in Belgrade, where they were to train for the next two weeks. The organization published a statement that both players, who were found to have coronavirus, have already been infected in the past. They are in good health, as the disease is asymptomatic.

fnx and LUCAS1 have joined Imperial in the last two months, which together with the situation limits the preparation for the South American qualifying tournament for major. The Brazilian team is third in the RMR rankings of South America with 840 points. In the first place, which gives the right to participate in ESL One Rio 2020, is BOOM with 1600 points.

Tribo to Major will be the final RMR event, with the winner receiving 2500 points. The tournament will be online from September 18 to October 11.