Vitality, OG, Sprout & Astralis started ESL One Cologne 2020 with a win

As part of the ESL One Cologne 2020 online tournament for Europe, matches of the first game day ended. The debut victories were achieved by Vitality, OG, Sprout and Astralis, thus passing to the second round of the top net of groups A and B.

The main surprise was the victory of Sprout over BIG. The German derby ended 2:0 - 16:12 on Mirage and 19:16 on Nuke. OG thanks to two overtime wins was stronger than NiP - 19:16 on Inferno, 12:16 on Train and 22:19 on Mirage.

The Frenchmen from Vitality and Heretics were the first to win - 16:13 on Dust2 and 16:8 on Overpass, and in the final match of the day Astralis coped with fnatic - 16:5 on Nuke and 19:17 on Train.

In Group A OG and Sprout will compete for playoffs on August 22 when they play in the second round of the top net. BIG and NiP will determine the first team to leave the tournament on August 20. Vitality and Astralis will play first place in the playoffs from Group B on August 22, while Heretics and fnatic will play for the drop-out two days earlier.

Actual group stage brackets

The tournament  will continue on August 19 with NAVI - mousesports, Complexity - MAD Lions, FaZe - Heroic and MIBR - G2. More details on the intermediate results of the group stage and the full schedule of the next ESL One Cologne 2020 matches for Europe can be found on the tournament page on the link.