Cyber Legacy & ETHEREAL to attend IEM New York 2020 for CIS

The closed qualifiers for the IEM New York 2020 CIS tournament have been completed. Cyber Legacy and ETHEREAL are the last winners of the qualifying event for the ESL One Rio 2020. They have beat HellRaisers and Invictus Int. in the lower bracket semi-finals respectively.

Earlier in the qualifying rounds, forZe and K23 have advanced to the IEM New York 2020. Together with Cyber Legacy and ETHEREAL they will join Team Spirit, Natus Vincere, Nemiga, Hard Legion,, Gambit Youngsters, Espada and Winstrike for direct intakes.

Final bracket of closed CIS qualifiers for IEM New York 2020:

The IEM New York 2020 will be the final RMR tournament for the CIS and will start on 6 October. Team Spirit, NAVI, Nemiga, Hard Legion and are the five eligible majors in the current ranking of the region.