Gambit Youngsters triumph at Nine to Five #2

Gambit Youngsters won the second consecutive Nine to Five tournament. The Russian team defeated Syman in the grand final of the $50,000 prize fund competition, which ended the day before - 16:6 on Dust2 and Train.

Group stage Nine to Five #2, which was played within the Swiss system format, Gambit Youngsters finished first with three victories and in the main stage proved to be superior to ALTERNATE aTTaX, Nordavind and LDLC. It is noteworthy that Vladislav Gorshkov's team did not lose to their rivals on any card.

Results of the Nine to Five #2 playoff stage:

Gambit Youngsters received a cash reward of $35,000. Syman for second place earned $15,000.

The third Nine to Five tournament will take place from August 10 to 26. At the time of publication, the list of participants in the upcoming championship is not announced.