RIZZZ joined Giants

Giants has announced signing of Rui "RIZZZ" Lima, thus fully staffed. The 27-year-old player is the second summer newcomer to the Spanish organization after Francisco "obj" Ramos, who also joined as a free agent.

Earlier the team excluded Bruno "BLOODZ" Murao and Renato "renatoohaxx" Gonzalves. With them, Giants' best result was an entry into ESEA S35 Advanced.

As for Lima, he has already played for Giants from September 2018 to March 2019, after which he represented OFFSET and FTW.

Current roster Giants:

 Ricardo "fox" Pacheco
 Paulo "pr" Silva
 Philippe "OPNOPEEJ" Diaz
 Francisco "obj" Ramos
 Rui "RIZZZZ" Lima

 Vasko "vsk" Santos (coach)