FACEIT mass bans CS:GO players for using new vulnerability

FACEIT manager Milos "Mikey" Nedeljkovic reported about the mass blocking of accounts of players who use the vulnerability in CS:GO to see through the smoke from the grenade. More than 1.1 thousand users of the competition platform have been banned in the last few days.

According to Nedeljkovic, in addition to the new vulnerability, which has become widely known thanks to reviews of popular YouTube players, FACEIT blocks players for using many other buggies. The platform will continue to actively monitor unfairusers.

Information about the vulnerability, which can make the smoke grenade effect transparent, appeared on July 18. The author of YouTube channel GeloM16, which is looking for ways to optimize CS:GO and other games, found the possibility of replacing the file responsible for the smoke, so that the animation is displayed only in the immediate vicinity of the location of the grenade.

Valve has not reacted in any way to the error found in the CS:GO files.